About us

Colorworks NorthEast is a father and son team. Walt (the father) has owned and operated his own painting business since 1985. That put Chris (the son) on the job at a young age. Both have devoted a lot of time honing their skill. In 2010 Colorworks made a decision to further specialize their craft and become an interior only paint company billing out with time and materials. Using Angie's list which is a review based website that allows our customers to give us a grade. We have maintained an "A" rating after more than 200 reviews. Over the years we have developed techniques that we believe allows us to end up with a product that is superior to other painters. First and most important is a clean job site we do everything possible to protect your home and belongings. We don't spray anything. We hand brush all our woodwork using high end enamel that not only looks amazing but is more durable and easier to touch up. We brush and roll all ceilings and walls using a rolling technique that insures an even roller stipple. Since we are a small crew of 2 it's easy to live right along side us as we work in your home. We are always striving for customer satisfaction. Our business motto is "This job brings us our next job". 

What can I do to get the biggest bang for my buck

*By accepting a phone estimate you have already saved $250  
*One of the biggest things you can do is clean areas to be painted

-pull out furnishings and vacuum behind
-clean behind fridge if painting kitchen
-clean bathrooms including behind the toilet if painting 

*Other helpful money savers

-Remove switch plate covers
-Remove window dressings
-Remove anything Breakable or irreplaceable from the area to be painted
-Remove any nails you no longer want in the walls, leave any you are going to be re using.
-Do not patch any holes 

*Obtaining paint for your project so we can get right to work

-During phone estimate we discuss products and amounts to get
- Full access to our paint store accounts you get full discount.
-If possible it is also an advantage to have someone who can go to paint store during job
-You can even pick up a paint brush and work right along side us

Angie's List

Review:Interior Painting Service

Interior painting, ceilings, and trim cleanup

Walt and his son are so fantastic! They are so meticulous and do lovely work. I had two skylights with vaulted ceilings, and they did an amazing job with them. Beautiful work, and they work hard to do as much as they can in the time you want it done. I wouldn’t use anyone else!